Beach Huts

The view from the beach on a clear day shows the Isle of Wight (40 miles), Selsey Bill (20 miles), the white cliffs of the Seven Sisters and Beachy Head (30 miles). Goring is not the best place to see ships. Except for trawlers and ships entering and leaving Shoreham and Littlehampton harbours, most of the traffic is just a vague blob on the horizon.

How much does a beach hut cost

Cost of a hut varies and the garden centre will advise, plus painting, foundations and erection. Perhaps about �00 in all. Here at Goring the standard size is 8′ high, 8′ long, 6′ wide but there are variations that have crept in over time. No two huts are alike. Some huts have extensions at the sea side for sun-roofs and slide-out windbreaks. They all have some form of hard surface paving slabs, and owners have few inhibitions about spreading their chairs over next door areas when the neighbours are not down today.

A site rental is payable �8 per year to the council. Only one person has not paid from last year – one man in Columbia has paid for an empty site each year by standing order for 12 years. They wrote to him and he replied and said no problem.

Down on Worthing Promenade, beach huts are identical, in short neat rows, and are available for rent costing �8 per year, �/week in Summer, �/week in winter.

It is amazing how many huts are seldom if ever used. A situation rather similar to the expensive yachts moored at any of the world’s marinas.

The price now said to be �00 or even �00. They would be more expensive at the Yacht Club end and at the Sea Lane Caf� end – nearer to the ice cream and the loos.

Dogs must be on the lead between the Yacht Club ramp and the Jet Ski ramp. Not that anyone seems to worry. But some owners prefer huts in this area.

To buy or sell a beach hut try the loacl estate agents or put a notice in local shop windows or local papers. As well as on the beach hut itself.

The price at Muddeford said to be �,000. At Whitstable about the same
but these have services and drainage.

Goring Beach Huts are white

Colour of your Goring beach hut must be white. At other towns multi-coloured paint is recommended – example at Calshot on the Beaulieu River they are all the colours of the rainbow.

There has been some decoration on the sea side of some huts, and the roof battens are all sorts of exciting colours. Some interiors have been very nicely fitted out, usually with a bench, cupboards, calor-stove. Some huts have a flag that they fly when occupied.


You should paint each year, certainly the metal work. The sea air is tough on paint. Best to use the best quality exterior paint. If you get a proper man to do it it could cost �0-300. Plastic cladding is really not satisfactory; it does not allow the wood underneath to breath. And it will get damaged by stones blown my the wind, and of course vandals.

The roof is traditionally roofing felt, and lasts about two years. Once it starts to tear it will all blow away. One owner used thin sheet metal for the roof, but surprisingly this also suffered from damage in the wind.

There are some local decorators who give agood service looking after beach huts. They can inspect it monthly or quarterly and fix any immediate damage, contacting you with a quote when anything major wants doing.

Storms cause damage each year. Most of the huts are new here since most of them blew away on 17 October 1987.

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