Bank Holiday Saturday August 25th 2001


The beach was the only place to be this afternoon. With the temperature showing 35C, the boats were out, the beach was crowded and the water was very attractive.

The majority of beach huts were in use with so many people enjoying the best of Goring in the sun. Windsurfers, conventional and kite powered, jet-skiers, boaters, yachtsmen, swimmers, paddlers and sunbathers – they were all there.

The Yacht Club hosted a major event the F18 / F20 / Nacra / Prondle / Stealth / Hurricane Sport / Spitfire Combined Nationals. Competitors have come from near and far – it costs £100 to enter the weekends racing! The club building has sprung an extension, the green was packed with visiting cars and trailers, the field by the car park become a camp-site and the yachts look great as they dash across the horizon and colorful as they come closer.

Yacht racing continued about a mile out to sea for just over two hours. The top temperature was 35.6 degrees

Then it was time to return to shore

– to find your trolley amongst all the array on the beach
– a queue started to form at the bottom of the Sea Place ramp
– if you got too close to the breakwater then one of the crew had to leap into the water and pull the yacht away!


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