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To the North
beyond the A27 and Durrington
are the South Downs, High Salvington windmill
and the stone-age forts at Highdown and Cissbury.
To the West
is the village of Ferring,
and then the towns of Littlehampton and Bognor,
with the Butlins Skyline Pavilion glinting in the sun.
To the East
is Worthing
and beyond that the harbour at Shoreham
and the resort of Brighton.
South is the English Channel
with views, on a good day,
to the Isle of Wight (40 miles), Selsey Bill (20 miles),
the white cliffs of the Seven Sisters and Beachy Head (30 miles)

Goring has record sunshine each year, and the area is well known for the acres of greenhouses where bedding plants are grown, it seems, for much of southern England.

Between Goring and Ferring is an expanse of trees and green fields called the Goring Gap, a strategic separation to hold back the tide of houses, fiercely protected by the Goring Gap Preservation Trust.

The mile-long Ilex Avenue runs from Goring church to Ferring, glorious, evergreen holm oaks, the finest planting of such trees in England. And from the avenue down to the sea are three more avenues of trees, down Sea Lane Goring, down Sea Lane Ferring, and down The Plantation where only walkers are welcome

And to the North is Highdown with gardens, and a short walk to the Saxon Fort on top of the hill, and a cafe for a cuppa before you go home.

There are no hotels, no slot machines, no candyfloss. Just a row of beach huts, and three excellent cafes. Fishing boats are hauled up above the high water mark. The beach is good for swimming around the high tide, and excellent for sailing, jet-skis, and at low tide for horses galloping in the surf. A wide expanse of neatly mown grass attracts school and church outings on summer weekends, flyers of kites, and dog walkers every day, rain or shine.